Saturday, 28 November 2015

Video Production By Comelite IT Solutions

Video Production By Comelite IT Solutions
Client: Neospeech
Category: Commercial Video
Producer: Fatia Sh.

Neospeech  presentation product video -HD
Neospeech is one of the fastest growing providers in TTS technology.
Founded in California, in 2002 by a pair of forward-thinking PhD speech engineers from Stanford and Carnegie Mellon
The video introduces  productions of Neospeech company.
After watching this video you will be familiar with the services, uses and production of Neospeech.
The video is a combination of Typography and Promotional style with different effects.
Using suitable background music and sound effect has led to a very amazing and awesome production.
The client was very satisfied with our production and gave a good feedback in this regard.
Neospeech’s testimonial:
Good experience working with us, very fast communication, precise request and deliberate on requirement Looking forward for next opportunity to work with Neospeech
Global  Leader in TTS Technology

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