Sunday, 1 May 2016

3 Online Video Marketing Trends in 2016

3 online video marketing trends in 2016

2016 is here and with it a chance to start the new business year with a bang. Get your marketing to a new level, new visual level. Video online marketing is on the rise. The sheer volume of online video that is uploaded, viewed, and shared each day is astounding, as is the reach of YouTube:

•    1 billion users, approximately one in three of all internet users
•    More than 2 billion video views daily
•    Viewing times that run into the hundreds of millions of hours every day
•    Growth year on year of 40%

Online Video Marketing Trends:

1: Mobile Matters Most

As SEMRush put it, screen size is not a factor that viewers take into account when viewing online video. Above everything else is convenience: a small screen and a low resolution stream now is preferred by users to a HD stream of the same content if it means waiting even a short time.

2: Short Form for Social

There will always be a place for long form video content. This content, the sort that keeps a viewer on site and watching in the same way as a viewer might have previously watched television, is valuable to those users and often attractive to advertisers, too. But it is decidedly difficult to share on social networks – and in 2016 this is going to be a problem. So make your video short form.

3: Explainers

Explainer videosAn explainer video, is designed around being useful for the audience. From the moment it is first conceived, through storyboarding, shooting, editing, and distribution, an explainer video is centered on being something that user will find helpful in understanding a product, using a piece of software, negotiating a challenge, or learning a new skill.

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