Saturday, 28 November 2015

Video Production By Comelite IT Solutions

Video Production By Comelite IT Solutions
Client: Neospeech
Category: Commercial Video
Producer: Fatia Sh.

Neospeech  presentation product video -HD
Neospeech is one of the fastest growing providers in TTS technology.
Founded in California, in 2002 by a pair of forward-thinking PhD speech engineers from Stanford and Carnegie Mellon
The video introduces  productions of Neospeech company.
After watching this video you will be familiar with the services, uses and production of Neospeech.
The video is a combination of Typography and Promotional style with different effects.
Using suitable background music and sound effect has led to a very amazing and awesome production.
The client was very satisfied with our production and gave a good feedback in this regard.
Neospeech’s testimonial:
Good experience working with us, very fast communication, precise request and deliberate on requirement Looking forward for next opportunity to work with Neospeech
Global  Leader in TTS Technology

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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Editing & Slideshow Video by Comelite IT Solutions

Client: Florida Land Trader
Task: Video Production
Category: Editing & Slideshow Video
Producer: Comelite IT Solutions
In this video we introduce Florida Land Trader company and the way you can own spacious vacant land.

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Monday, 23 November 2015

Website Design & Development by Comelite IT solutions

Client: Aljareed
Country: Iraq
Language: English

Category: Telecommunications
This is a modern responsive website created in Joomla CMS, using technologies such as HTML5, JQuery, Javascript and CSS3 animations. It consists of different modules and components using short codes, contact us with Google Map, Services and fully mobile compatible.

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Sunday, 22 November 2015


Websites have become a vital part of any successful business. You wouldn’t even thinking of launching a business today without a website because customers expect companies to have an online presence. If a customer sees that a company doesn’t have a website, they would probably say something like this: “Why doesn’t ABC have a website? Seriously? Something must be wrong with them! Let’s find some other place to buy from.” Not so far from now, the same will be true of businesses that don’t have a mobile app.

Read why…
Customers are spending an incredible amount of time on their mobile phones today. This is something no one doubts today. Smartphones are everything to youngsters and adults.
So I guess you get it now, your customers will begin to expect for your business to have an app…the same way they expect for you to have a website.

Your cuntomers already use apps to listen to music, shop online, check mail, message friends, and connect with the brands they love. Make sure your brand is represented in their devices.
It is a great way to showcase your products and services and who you are and what you stand for. It's like a mini billboard.
With your own app, you control your message and distribution. Message all of your customers directly when you have something important to share like a promotion, special event or announcement.
An app can help you manage your customer loyalty program. Give your app users exclusive discounts, content, or access to you and your business.
With an app for your business new customers can find you, and existing customers can tell their friends about you.
All of the “major” brands already have apps. Being first to market gives you a huge edge over your competitors.

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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Video designed by Comelite IT solutions Co.

Task: Video Production
Category: Editing & Slideshow Video
In this video we introduce Florida Land Trader company and the way you can own spacious vacant land.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

ICPA Company Promotional Video designed by Comelite IT Solutions

Task: Advertising Video Production
Category: Promotional Video
Producer: Comelite IT Solutions
A commercial video introducing ICPA Company.
It explains the aim of forming an organization, the history of forming an organization and also introducing the members and the activities of this organization.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Comelite IT Solutions: 10 Reasons to Have a Mobile Site (Infographic)

Comelite IT Solutions: 10 Reasons to Have a Mobile Site (Infographic): When you think of mobile payments, what do you imagine? The ability to tap your phone instead of swiping your credit or debit card? Or ...

Comelite IT Solutions: 4 Tips To Improve User Retention For Your App

Comelite IT Solutions: 4 Tips To Improve User Retention For Your App: Getting users to install your app is a challenging task that needs to be tackled in the beginning of every mobile app marketing campaig...

Moonline 2D Animation Explainer video design by Comelite ITsolotions

About “Moonline 2D Animation Explainer video”
This is an explainer video in 2D animation style made by vector images introducing Moonline Travel and Tourism-in Kurdistan Iraq in a modern and unique way.
The task was:
2D Animation
Video Producing
Voice Over

Project Description:
The script of this video has been provided by Comelite scenarist team, an strong scenario along with a high quality and graphic design.The client was happy with this video.In producing this video has been used the style of Infographic and combining inforgraphic style and 2D animation has had a great result.We did our best to propose as well all aspects of Moonline company so the customers after seeing this video be familiar with all services of company and can use the benefits of it.Using the psychology of colors and proper colors – adjusment of the abbreviation and srong scenario- a good presentation-using proper music and providing qualified voice over are the advantages of this video.This video was rendered in high quality and HD and was delivered to Moonline company.

Moonline Travel Testimonial – 9 July 2015

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Mobile App Design & Development by comelite IT Solutions

Client: ITCC (International Tube and Conduit Company Ltd.)
Task: Mobile App Design & Development
Country: Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

Other Features
Server technology: Cake PHP, MySQL, Apache
Android / iOS app: Ionic framework, PhoneGap
Design: Adobe Photoshop CC
Under this contract, Comelite designed and developed a mobile app that had access to the back-end website of the client and pulled information from there. With this application at hand, all customers are able to get familiar with ITCC, its services, products, standards and certifications. They also could contact ITCC and send buy orders and enjoy its work.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Website Design & Development by Comelite IT solutions

Website Design & Development  by Comelite IT solutions

Client: Pioneers
Task: Website Design & Development
Country: Iraq
Language: English
Category: Construction
This responsive modern design website includes an exceptional gallery, contact form and Google map, slideshow…

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Video Productionby Comelite IT Solutions

Client: Feeligreen
Task: Video Production
Category: Whiteboard
Producer: Fatia Sh.

A video to introduce a new medical technology and the use of the product for a French 
company (Feeligreen)

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Website Design & Development by comelite It Solutions

Client: Malecsoft e-Solutions Company
Country: Kuwait
Language: English
A clean and appealing HTML5 website that introduces the company services in a modern style using HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery.

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How to launch a drugstore with NopCommerce

Why NopCommerce? Dowa, a drugstore with Nopcommerce is a reputable only pharmacy in Kuwait, offering medicines and drugs to its online ...