How to get your business running with a mobile app in 2 days Mobile

users have bypassed the number of desktop users as this report from comScore shows. So it's no longer a case of asking whether mobile marketing important, we know it is!

Some statistics show this trend:

1)Mobile devices are becoming omnipresent across the globe.

•1 in 5 people in the world own a smartphone (Source: BI Intelligence) 

•1 in 17 people in the world own a tablet (Source: BI Intelligence) 

•25% of smartphone owners aged 18-44 can’t remember the last time their phone wasn’t next to them (Source: Fast Company) 

2)Consumer app-etite is growing because app retention and engagement have improved.

•There are 224 million monthly active app users in the US (Source: Search Engine Journal) 

•The amount of time people spend using apps has increased by 21% since last year (Source: Localytics) 

•In 2014, the percent of apps used only once shrunk to 20%, improving from 22% from last year (Source: Localytics) 

•During the last four years, the percentage of apps used 11 or more times increased to 39% in 2014 (Source: Localytics) 

•In Q4 of 2014, apps were opened more than 10 times per month (higher than Q4 of 2013) (Source: Localytics) 

3)Mobile is winning the battle for consumer time in key categories, like social networking and entertainment.

•Digital radio and photos now generate 96% of their total engagement from mobile devices (Source: comScore) 

•Total mobile engagement on social has grown 55% in the past year (Source: comScore) 

(Graph courtesy of comScore)

4)Brands are investing more in mobile ads because they perform better than online ads.

•Mobile ads perform 4-5 times better than online ads (Source: HubSpot) 

•62% of smartphone users are “ok with 15-30 second ads” in exchange for video content (Source: ReelSEO) 

5)Mobile app revenue and the number of m-commerce transactions completed in apps will be higher than ever.