Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Apps for your Customers

Our apps allow you to:
Instantly inform your customers about your news and services
Let your customers know when you have a new product launch the instant it is ready. Let them know when you have a special offer, and allow them to see a picture or a video clip of it too. Let them see the price and even purchase them immediately. These can all be done with a simple, user-friendly interface which - through push notifications – becomes available the instant you have the news ready.
Have a place on the map
Now, customers can not only see where you are; they can even learn how to get to you. By spotting your locations on the map, the customer’s posi-tion through the smartphone’s GPS and Google Maps Directions Services, you can efficiently stand out among all those others in your industry.
Communicate with your clients
The instant a visitor contacts you, chances that he or she becomes your customer increase radically. Thus, it’s vital that you offer them the means. We can offer you anything from a single contact form to live video chat.
Be social
Facebook, Twitter, Google P
lus and LinkedIn are parts of our daily lives, and we bring them to your pocket and connect them to your services. Now, users can follow you anywhere, and you can get the word out sooner than anyone. The connection significantly reduces your workload while in-creasing the benefit for your business.

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