Sunday, 30 August 2015

Get your brand, stationary and logo and make that impression

This creates a lasting impression of the product in the back of the minds of consumers.

We are exposed to marketing nearly every second of the day, no matter where we are. At home, all of our appliances have logos on them. We have markers for brands in our cabinets, our refrigerators and bathrooms. We wear clothing that has brand logos on them, helping to market the product and the company. Our computers have brand logos and stickers on them, subtly helping us form a connection in our mind to a particular product.

Companies know that symbols work for people of all nationalities, languages and cultures. An iconic logo can be identified quickly and associated with a product.
Everyone practically from anywhere can quickly identify logos such as Nike’s check-mark, Apple’s bitten apple logo or McDonald’s golden arches.
Even if some people cannot think of the name but they know what it represents. This subliminal advertising creates brand loyalty from a picture.

When we're thinking about marketing and advertising, we think of banner ads, television and radio commercials, pictures in magazines and billboards.
We seldom think of the many brand markers and logos that are everywhere in society.
Nearly every product one sees, buys, or uses has a logo attached to it. These logos are not just pretty markers for the product, but carefully designed marks to allow someone to know the company and product subconsciously.

The Importance of Your Logo:

 Companies spend thousands of dollars designing logos for their products.
They spend hundreds of dollars in copy-writing and trademarking their logos. Millions of dollars are spent per year promoting the icon through print and video advertisements.
For every dollar spent in design, marketing, and trademarking a logo, a company spends two dollars protecting that logo.

The connections between a symbol and a product allow for companies to build customer loyalty throughout the generations. So long as their products remain high quality and reasonably priced, these companies know that their iconography will keep customers returning for years to come.

So, get your brand, stationary and logo and make that impression. You want to be seen and heard? It's all about the logo. It really does all the talking...
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