Wednesday, 19 August 2015

An experience of a long-term client

Today I’d like to share with you an experience I had with a customer, who then became a long-term client.

After my first interaction, the customer responded with so many questions. Some 10 – 15 questions I could count and they were all not related to our services. The questions had different subjects that even I couldn’t respond to. So I took issue and the customer to a committee with our technical teams….
Their first response was that he is not a client for our services and doesn’t really have a specific request.

I though, had a different opinion. I thought it wouldn’t cost or hurt to give it a try and respond to him as much as we could respond and try to bring him on the right track. Yet, since some questions related to very past projects that I wasn’t aware of, it took a very long time for the relevant department to respond to me as they had no hope in him.
Not to give you a headache, I responded the customer after a whole month and completely hopeless, I thought I had lost my chance. My response was just “will get back to you later”.
So I thought, there is no hope, what-so-ever. But again after another month, which I hadn’t heard of the customer, I sent him a card on a religious occasion.
Truly unbelievable, I was responded with a specific request from the customer to redesign his website and that’s where our business relationship began.
Now it’s almost 2 years that we are working together and one after the other, providing him with different services with full support and we are very satisfied and happy with him.
So I learned a lesson, which has become one of my marketing experiences:
Never under-estimate a customer from the first and do your best to fulfill his needs and inquiry

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